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"There are lots of young men and women we would love to have as students, the Nobel Prize winners, the Lasker Award winners of the future. It would be a sin if society is deprived of the fruits of their work down the road because those of us, today, who could have helped, didn't."
-- Michael Bloomberg

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VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children

Parents of children with severe hearing problems started this program. It began at The Hospital for Sick Children, and then spread to North York General Hospital.

VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children is a not-for-profit charity that has thrived since its formation in 1963 by parents and professionals to provide much needed emotional and technical support to families of hearing-impaired children.

VOICE's objective is two-fold: to provide support for parents of hearing-impaired children; and to let them know that deaf children can communicate and live within the hearing world. VOICE responds to the needs of parents and their children by providing Auditory-Verbal Therapy, disseminating information and sponsoring workshops and conferences, with a view to enhancing the quality of life for hearing-impaired children.

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario has contributed over $265,000 to the VOICE program since 1981, with grants in recent years directed towards expanding its Auditory-Verbal Therapy Outreach Program to assist children with profound hearing loss ranging in age from 12 months to two years.