Masonic Foundation Of Ontario

"Whatever you spend is gone. What you keep, someone else gets. What you give is yours forever."
-- Dr. Wil Rose

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Support the Work of the Masonic Foundation of Ontario

Note that you do not have to be a Mason to make a donation - you can donate on-line, send your cheque directly to The Masonic Foundation of Ontario, 361 King Street West, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 1B4, or contact us with your Visa or MasterCard information via telephone (905) 527 - 9105 or fill in the Donation Form and fax it to (905) 527 - 8859, and you will qualify for an income tax receipt!

Over the years, much of the support for the Masonic Foundation has come from donations made by the Masons of Ontario. The results speak for themselves - every year hundreds of Ontario residents benefit directly from the generosity of Ontario Masons through the Masonic Foundation.

There are various ways for you to financially support the Masonic Foundation:

NEWClick here to donate online. You will be directed to a secure online site hosted by (third party donation). If you wish to donate to a specific District project or other Foundation initiative, please enter that information in the comments box on the donation page.

Donate Now Through!

Personal donations to the Foundation office in the form of a cheque, or charged to your Visa or Mastercard

The Yellow Envelope is available from your lodge secretary to facilitate forwarding the donation

Fill in the Donation Form, and either mail it or fax it (if you're going to use a credit card). All the contact information is on the form itself

Memorial donations to remember the passing of a loved one or colleague - the grey Memorial envelope is available for this purpose. Including the Foundation in the planning of your your Estate by: including the Foundation in your Will; naming the Foundation as a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy; gifting assets such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds or term deposits; or willing residual funds from a RRIF to the Foundation.

The financial support of the Masons of Ontario has made it possible for the Masonic Foundation to be as effective as it is today. The Foundation, however, is facing a growing need for resources beyond that which can be achieved through traditional means, such as annual cash donations from its supporters. In response, more and more Masons are meeting the challenge to increase their support to the Masonic Foundation through Planned Giving - the process of making a gift commitment today for delivery to a charity tomorrow.

 Exciting new avenues for Planned Giving are now opening up to enable the brethren to expand their support of the Masonic Foundation in a manner that will optimize the impact of their support without endangering their financial well-being. Many Masons are making an investment in the future by including the Masonic Foundation in the planning of their estates.

In the final analysis, each individual must assess his own personal circumstances and reach his own conclusion. Whether that conclusion involves a cash donation, a bequest, a life insurance policy, an asset, some other form of contribution, or a combination of any of the preceding, all support of the Masonic Foundation will continue to be thankfully received and faithfully applied to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.

The benefits of supporting the Masonic Foundation are the income tax advantages gained and the personal pride felt in doing the good act, not for oneself, but FOR THE CAUSE OF GOOD.